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The Process of Resurrection By Tb Joshua

The worship team of the Synagogue, Church Οf All Nations, sang hymns glorifying God which readied the hearts of the believers to receive healing, blessing and the deliverance they were seeking.

Immediately afterward, in observation of Easter, Prophet Tb Joshua preached a revealing message titled “THE PROCESS OF RESURRECTION”. As he explained, resurrection, according to the 27th and 28th chapters of Matthew is a process, just as everything in life: Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection. The man of God pointed out that there can be no Resurrection unless the Burial is preceded, there can be no Burial without Death, and there can be no Death if there is no Crucifixion.

Reading from Matthew 27:32-44 about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the man of God pointed out that Jesus Christ was flogged, tortured, humiliated and dehumanized before He was brutally murdered. But He responded with forgiveness, saying, “Father forgive them”, knowing that His death would accomplish salvation for mankind – that is for you and me. Jesus Christ went through all of this not because He deserved it, but for our sake! IMG 0793The man of God emphasized that it was predestined by divine providence that the wicked are a ransom for the righteous, the unjust for the just, the transgressors for the divine grace. But in this case of an unparalleled instance of divine grace, Jesus, the righteous was a ransom for the wicked. (Proverbs 21:18) Below, in Matthew 27:45-56, the Death of Jesus Christ is described, in which He completed the task that the Father gave to Him, while in 27:57-66, His Burial is described; Christ was buried so that His rejection could be complete. Then, after reading about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:1-15), the man of God said that Jesus Christ was raised, He is now sitting on the right hand of the Father and promised to be with us forever till the end of the world, through the Holy Spirit! The same Spirit who acted through Jesus Christ still acts today through His holy children. When they blame us, “crucify” us or wrong us we must follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ; like the women who followed Jesus and stayed outside the tomb waiting for His resurrection. They were there because they believed in His words that He would be resurrected on the third day. In closing his message, the man of God noted that Jesus Christ was declared to be the Son of God with power according to the Spirit of holiness – by His resurrection from the dead! This means that if Jesus Christ was not resurrected, there would not be resurrecting power working among us today! Jesus Christ is the reason we are healed, delivered and blessed!


Clearly overwhelmed with joy Mr. Ashwin Vroom came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, with his wife from Rotterdam, Holland, to thank Jesus Christ by sharing his wonderful testimony and giving God all the glory, for the healing he received in his life.

One year ago, as Mr. Vroom was walking to work, he collapsed in the middle of the road. When he woke up three hours later, he realized he was in the hospital. The doctors informed him and his wife who rushed to be near him, that his state of health was very serious and that he was very close to death. They emphasized that it was very likely he would not make it. He had pneumonia, he felt great weakness, was unable to breathe well and could not walk. He lost his job because he was unable to do his day-to-day activities. Although he underwent a strict pharmaceutical regimen, his respiratory problems and weakness continued.

After two months, when Mr. Vroom saw that his health did not recover, he decided to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, and register for the prayer line. So it happened; when Prophet Harry touched him, everything changed! When he returned home to the Netherlands, he began feeling better after two days. His breathing was better and he began regaining his strength! He started to do all his day-to-day activities and was asked to return back to his job! Full of gratitude towards God, for the salvation he received from certain death, Mr. Vroom advised us to trust God, no matter what situation we are facing. Finally, he promised to share with people the wonderful things God did in his life!

The doctors said that it was nearly the end for Mr. Vroom, but when others say, ‘The end has come’, Christians say, ‘The best is yet to come’. When others say, ‘There’s no way’, Christians say, ‘God will make a way where there seems to be no way’. When others say, ‘I’m finished’, Christians say, ‘My problem is finished’ because of what Jesus declared on the Cross!

The principle of life says that nothing happens for nothing; nothing comes by chance. If you understand this principle, you will always reflect on life itself, rather than the situation you are in.


Mr. Alekos Papas, a resident of Thessaloniki, attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, on 21 April 2019, full of gratitude for what the Lord did in his life.

Mr. Alekos ended up divorced from his wife six years ago because of financial problems. Ever since he did not feel well because he divorced after 30 years of marriage. For four consecutive years, anxiety, blood pressure and nerves had overtaken his life like never before, which caused him great conflict with his children. He was angry every day, breaking things inside his home and not sleeping. In fact, because of anxiety, his systolic pressure was at 18, while diastolic at 12.

However, in the last two years, he began to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. From the very first time, the presence of God began to change his life. He began to feel peace and his thoughts began to fall into place. In addition, he took part on the prayer line and after receiving prayer from the man of God Harry, the stress disappeared completely! That same day, as soon as he came out of the church, he called his son on the phone and he immediately noticed the change in his voice! He noticed that his voice was peaceful and tranquil, something that did not exist before. Now there is no tension at home since he is no longer stressed and his blood pressure has returned to normal levels!

Also, Mr. Alekos testified that God had saved him from certain death, because of his obedience to the instruction in righteousness given to him by Prophet Harry! Three months ago a job was proposed to him in the Netherlands for a salary of 4,000 euros. Although the amount was very tempting, Mr. Alekos did not want to take a step without first knowing God’s opinion about it. So he consulted the man of God, who told him not to go to the Netherlands for this job because he would lose his life! Thus, he obeyed this prophecy in the instruction of the man of God, rejecting the proposal. A month later, they informed him that a man who accepted to work the same job was killed in an accident at work! Full of gratitude that God protected him from certain death, he advised the people of God to have faith in God, because only faith can relieve us of anxiety and promised to live for His glory from now on.

We cannot understand God with our feelings, but with what His Word says about Him. The management of our heart and its thoughts is fundamental to our faith and holy living.


The age of miracles is not yet over, Jesus Christ is still Alive and continues to change people’s lives. One of these changed lives is that of Mrs. Agnes Adjai from Italy, who visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, on 21 April 2019 to thank God for her deliverance, but also to confirm the prophecy she received from the man of God, testifying the catalytic changes this brought to her life.

Mrs. Angnes faced an unusual challenge. She felt something move inside her, which prevented her from eating and sleeping properly. She also felt weak and had pain throughout her body, therefore causing her to take painkillers in hopes that she would find relief and would sleep more easily. Also, she often found herself eating in her dream, and when she would wake up she felt dizzy and tired. In turn, because of the situation, she was going through, she would lose her joy and was always angry with her family. The doctor she reached out to asked her to take X-rays, which in turn did not show any physical problems beyond depression. 

Understanding that her problem was spiritual, Mrs. Agnes made the decision to come to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, and put her situation in the hands of Almighty God. In November 2018 she took part on the prayer line, asking for the grace and mercy of God. When the man of God prayed for her, he gave her the following prophetic word, revealing the root of her problem: “You are poisoned … they gave you poison spiritually. All this has to do with a property because you are fighting to get that property. The people who have it do not want to give it to you, and they sent you this… They want to kill you! Do not allow this property issue to kill you. Jesus Christ is your inheritance! He has more than anything you might need… If Jesus wants to bless you, He will bless you. But, remove your mind from acquiring this property. It is too early for you to die so young! Something moves in your body!”. After the prayer, Ms. Agnes began to cough and she felt something leave her insides, which as the man of God explained, was the poison given to her in the dream. “This is a work of witchcraft. They went to witchdoctors and they asked for her death. And the witch doctor sent her spiritually poison in order to die. The doctors cannot detect this. There is not a medical device that can detect this poison; only the Holy Spirit can detect this!”, explained the man of God. At the same time, great relief flooded Mrs. Agnes!

Five months later, full of joy and gratitude to the Almighty God, who delivered her from certain death and put an end to the suffering in her life. She said that everything began in 2003, when they traveled as a family from Italy where they lived in their country of origin, the Republic of Benin, and they were surprised to find that some of their relatives without informing them took over her husband’s property by illegally building a building that they rented it for their benefit. This created great controversy among the two sides and, as there was no understanding between them, their relatives eventually destroyed the building and returned to their country of residence. Being unable to find a solution to their problem, they decided to sell their property, but no one was willing to buy it. This situation made Mrs. Agnes realize she was holding bitterness and offense within her heart and could not be freed from it while having daily friction with her husband, filled with anger and tension. However, when she obeyed the instruction she received from the man of God on the prayer line, she let the insult go away definitively from her heart! Now the moving object, the weakness, the pain, the drugs, and the nightmares are definitely past! After her deliverance she now sleeps like a baby, the peace and joy of God have replaced her anger, and her relationship with her husband has been restored. In addition, the property that she was so anxious to sell for ten whole years, was sold a week before she came to give her testimony! Having received the blessings of God, she advised everyone to stay close to God and not to give up, regardless of the situation they may be facing, because for Jesus Christ nothing is impossible. Finally, she promised the Giver of her blessings not to sin anymore, since keeping offence in your heart is a sin.

Unforgiveness due to offence is one of the traps satan, the enemy of our souls, uses to hold us in bondage. When you forgive and let go of offence, something will happen to you that cannot be explained by the natural mind. 

Here are some photos of people from different parts of the world who came to put their problems in the hands of God, with the certainty that there is nothing that He cannot do. With hearts in this kind of stance, they allowed God to transform their problems into testimonies!

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