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Tb Joshua Teaches us How to choose Friends with Care

 The atmosphere at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, on Sunday, August 11, 2019, was overflowing with the presence of God. The attendees witnessed the endless grace of God, which is generously given to His children! The power of prophecy, deliverance, and healing was evident as the anointing of God moved among the congregation.

Following, evangelist Maria Sachpazidou confidentially shared a message entitled “HOW TO CHOSSE YOUR FRIENDS WITH CARE”, proposing to all the believers to carefully examine their friendships; if they are a negative or positive influence in their lives. She explained, with the proof text taken from Proverbs 13:20, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.” Therefore, this means what we are today is a result of the kind of company we keep. If we want to achieve the purpose of God in our lives we must admit we need someone better, wiser and smarter than us, in order for them to help us be successful.

Today there are four categories of people in our lives. In the first category are those who add in our lives by helping our faith grow, bringing us closer to God. In the second category are those who subtract from our lives, turning us away from our faith and confusing our thoughts about the Word of God. In the third category are those who divide our lives, enveloping themselves to us like parasites, causing us to lose our focus from God. Lastly, in the fourth category are those who multiply our lives by helping us water the seeds in our lives so that we may have an abundant life! In conclusion, we must choose our friends wisely, because we need people who add and multiply our lives. In other words we need good people, inspired people and informed people to achieve our dreams and objectives. These people will build our lives, broaden our horizons and have a positive influence on us!


On Sunday, August 11, 2019, Mrs. Filio Varsama from Veria testified before all, the protection and invisible hand of God who worked with power in her life. Each Sunday, she participates in prayer, led by the man of God Harry at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, where by faith the man of God covers the church with the blood of Jesus Christ so that His protection will always be with them. So on Thursday, as Mrs. Filio went to work with her motorbike and she had a car accident. A car driver violated his stop sign and hit her! She stopped a few meters away and strangely did not fall, or get hurt! After the accident, the two drivers got out of their vehicles and to their great surprise they realized that the car was destroyed at its front part, while the motorbike was absolutely fine! The motorbike that collided with the car did not fall to the ground, the car had damage to the front bumper and surprisingly enough Mrs. Filio’s motorbike had just a few scratches!

Mrs. Filio’s husband quickly came to the scene of the accident and thanked God that once more He proved His love and prevented the worst from happening. Upon arriving, the police said they had never seen anything like this; they never before witnessed an accident with a car and motorbike with such little to no aftermath. Mrs. Filio and her husband were grateful and very happy that God protected her life! Having even stronger faith in God after the miracle that took place, Mrs. Filio advises us to pray without ceasing, to thank Him for everything, always, even for the little things that He gives us and to ask for His protection. She also promised that she and her family with worship God always.

The devil will come to tempt us where we think we do not need God, such as in our daily routine where we believe we can handle things. Therefore, the protection of God is, in fact, vital, even in the smallest and simplest of everyday things, where we believe we do not need Him!


Mrs. Gracita Chery came from Holland on Sunday, August 11, 2019, to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, filled with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving towards God for her life and the deliverance she received from disappointment and unforgiveness that she had in her heart for many years.

While waiting on the prayer line with faith to receive a heavenly touch, the Spirit of God located her through the man of God Harry, and revealed the root of her problem: “Sister, allow forgiveness to enter your heart, because I see that someone has caused you pain; a man! Just release forgiveness and your disappointment is coming to an end. You have experienced a lot of disappointment in your life, but it is coming to an end now!”

She confirmed this prophecy by saying that much of the disappointment she felt, her father was responsible for. He beat her and her siblings from an early age. Later, when she married and decided to have a family of her own, her ex-husband was involved in an extramarital affair. When this was revealed, Mrs. Gracita asked him to leave their home. He reacted in the most extreme way, setting her car on fire! For this, her ex-husband was sentenced to imprisonment and as soon as he left prison he tried to once again cause her harm! Filled with anger, he went to find his ex-wife at her mother’s house with a hammer and knife in hand. He began to beat her and stab her on her head. When the police officers arrived at the scene what they witnessed was repulsive!

Mrs. Gracita disturbing memories of the past consumed her thoughts and her mind, reliving all the pain on a daily basis. This caused her to be unable to forgive and move forward from the harm that was done to her. However, after the prophecy she received from Prophet Harry she wrote down all the names of the people who had disappointed and hurt her; after praying, she faithfully surrendered all her disappointment and all that burdened her to Jesus Christ. Now she feels free for the first time in many years. She no longer feels the need to talk about what happened in her past, because everything is over!

Healing was not absent from this package of blessings she received! She was experiencing a problem with her hand and as a result, she was unable to fully stretch it, to the point that objects would fall from her hands. After the prayer, this problem has also become a thing of the past, just like all her other problems! Therefore, she advised all of us who are in a similar situation to stay close to Jesus, for He will deliver us and meet us in His time and season. Finally, she promised God that she would follow Him and seek His face more and more.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)


Mr. Tunde, 16 years old, from the United Kingdom, attended the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to share how the internet and his cell phone almost destroyed the glorious future God had prepared for him.

It all started at the age of eleven when he first got a tablet and three years later a cell phone. While he had to use these devices for school work and study, he ended up playing games, entering forbidden websites and watching pornography. He was busy with his cell phone all day, spending an unlimited amount of time on the internet without any supervision and in no time at all, he became addicted to his cell phone! His performance at school was getting worse, he could not concentrate on the lesson, he was in the classroom acting out pranks from videos he had seen on the internet, and worst of all, he was sleeping in class, having spent all night awake playing with his cell phone. His teachers were very unhappy and annoyed with his provocative behavior and everyone wanted him to leave school. His friends were all involved in the same activities and interests, creating similar problems as him. Because he attended a boarding school, he was not under the direct supervision of his mother who had no idea what was going on. Even though he saw that his life was taking a turn for the worst and he believed he would end up a failed, homeless man if he continued on this path, young Tunde continued his bad habits without any care for his future. The pornographic images he would watch put him in a position to be unable to think about anything else, leading him to get involved with an underage girl he met on the internet. The principal of his school uncovered this relationship and got the police involved resulting him to be expelled from school.

When his mother was finally informed of all of these things she decided to come with her child to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, and ask God for his help. While on the prayer line, the man of God gave a prophecy to a young girl that was also addicted to her cell phone. At this point, Mr. Tunde’s mother overwhelmed with disappointment for her son’s behavior and way of life, yelled out for Prophet Harry to help her son. The instruction of the man of God was plain and simple: “Take his phone away and he will be delivered!” And so it was!

Soon as his mother took his cell phone away his mind opened up. For the first time, he was able to think seriously about his life and future and decided to make changes! He began studying for his exams and decided to once again take a serious interest in his favorite sport, rugby, which he was involved with but was forced to drop out when he was expelled from school and had no place to train. This is when he learned that an American college and an American university were having tryouts for rugby, for athletes that wanted to attend their schools with a scholarship. He immediately took place in these tryouts and after completion, he received a letter of acceptance from both of them! Beginning September he will attend the American College which is located in England for two years and afterword he will attend a four-year university in America.

Mr.Tunde is thankful to God for giving him a second chance at life and recognizes that if he was still addicted to his cell phone he would never have this chance. Pornography is a thing of the past in his life and he is ready to begin a new chapter, this time with Jesus Christ. In closing he advised all young people stop lying to themselves because when they have a cell phone, their mind will always be on it. So it is best to hand it over to someone who can supervise them. He also advised parents not to buy cell phones for their children until they are responsible enough to handle it. Finally, he promised to not waste this opportunity and that he will not return to his old habits! No matter your past, life does not completely close the door to opportunity.

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