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Slow down and care for your Spiritual Life by Tb Joshua

Under an atmosphere of sincere appreciation to our merciful God, the anointing fell upon ‘The Arena of Liberty’ as The SCOAN Choir led the congregation in songs and hymns of thanksgiving unto the Lord.

In this environment of the miraculous, Prophet T.B. Joshua stepped onto the altar with a strong word from the Lord. He warned the congregation and viewers worldwide against manufacturing our own faith, in a message titled: Faith Is Natural. “There is a sovereign power in that name, Jesus which cannot be imitated or faked,” he stated. But today, people manufacture faith. This is why it does not work. The result of being born-again, the dividend is not there because people manufacture them; people fake them. “Faith is of the heart,” Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated, and “if your heart does not act upon the Word, nothing can be achieved. ”He went on to explain that “our relationship with God always requires corresponding power,” hence the need for worshipping God in Spirit and in truth. He therefore asked worshippers to invite God’s Spirit into their hearts by praying, “Oh Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You – more of Your love, faithfulness, obedience, kindness, self-control.” In his closing remarks, the man of God said, “When you begin to reverence Him, the Bible says that the Spirit will be released to the degree we stand in reverence of His Word.” 

This was the second soul-searching message delivered as Prophetess Yinka had earlier urged the congregation to “SLOW DOWN AND CARE FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE.” She spoke on the need to strip ourselves of “all weight that may slow us down from running the straight race with God,” citing worries, anxieties, cares and burdens of this world as sources of such weight. “How short-sighted it is to work so hard to extend this life and not take time to prepare for eternity” she mused. On that note, she said that we tend to experience a spiritual vacuum when we lack a genuine relationship with God and place material possessions above Him. In her words, “You just have to experience God. Until we experience God, there will be dissatisfaction in our lives. I mean, a sense of hunger to know what life is all about, a desire to know what happens after life is over.” In line with Matthew 6:33, which says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you,” she counselled congregants not to waste time “on things that have no lasting value or significance.”

She prayed that they would encounter God and then stretched forth her hand in the name of Jesus Christ and brought Jesus on the scene. The name of Jesus began to work in the midst of the congregation, lifting the lame from their seats, restoring the breath of life to the infirm and setting the captives free. The auditorium was filled with an outpouring of gratitude to God as Prophet Racine and Prophet Chris joined to lay hands on the congregation, in the name of Jesus Christ. Indeed, Christ’s Spirit was released upon all who connected to Him by faith and testimonies followed:



Ms Denise Egbaire, a Togolese, had been written off by her doctors due to her condition of liver cirrhosis. She was constantly weak and could barely walk or eat and her life gradually ebbed away. Refusing to accept the doctors’ negative report, she presented herself for prayer at The SCOAN. After a touch by Prophet Chris in Jesus’ name, Denise fell to the floor and the spirit in her manifested before fleeing forever. When she returned to her lodgings, she found that she could now do those things she had been unable to do in the past. For confirmation of her healing, she returned for further tests, which confirmed her perfect healing. As she ended her testimony last Sunday, Denise advised people to place their hope in Jesus Christ. 


Not only did Prince Isi Okosun, a 47-year-old Nigerian living in Germany, receive healing from difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis, he also became a source of faith to others, especially his German doctor and many of his patients. For over five years, Isi had been unable to lead a normal life. In search of a medical solution, he had moved from Berlin to Barcelona seeking out the best of doctors, all to no avail. Booked for an operation, he chose instead to visit The SCOAN, following advice from his brother. However, Isi had had to build his faith first by watching Emmanuel TV, again on his brother’s advice. At The SCOAN, he received prayer as well as a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua about two pills he had been taking to help ease his pain. That was on the 4th March 2018. Last week, Isi returned to church to testify. “I felt something leave my back,” he said of the effect of the prayer. When Isi returned to Germany, he reported himself to the same doctor, asking for a check-up. Surprised that his former patient had been cured without any trace of an operation, the doctor asked how it had all happened. Excitedly, Isi told him about The SCOAN and God’s servant, T.B. Joshua. Since then, Isi said, the German doctor has been referring people with similar cases to speak with him. After vigorously demonstrating his healing again, Isi advised people to run to God when in crisis.


For 33 out of her 51 years of existence, Mrs Monica Nkwanga suffered from severe difficulty in walking due to a spinal cord problem. She also had an ankle problem and used special ankle socks to help ease the pain. For her spinal cord problem, doctors gave Monica a lumbar corset. Yet, for all of those 33 years, she had remained in pain, until she received a divine touch two weeks ago at The SCOAN. Tired of ingesting drugs every day of her life, Monica had handed her problem over to God. In an encounter with Prophet Racine, he commanded all sickness and disease out of her body, in the name of Jesus Christ. As the anointing surged through her, Monica was released from the roots of her affliction and moments later she sprang to her feet. During her testimony on Sunday, Monica told of how muscle spasms had prevented her from handling her business effectively and how the situation had sometimes caused her children to panic. “At airports, I would sometimes lose the capacity to walk,” she told the church. “But now I can even play football!” she declared. Monica’s Liberian husband confirmed her testimony, saying their 15-year-old marriage faced severe crisis because of Monica’s condition. “Now we’re on honeymoon,” he said. Monica advised people not to give up on their situation. “Don’t stop praying,” she said.


“There is another woman in the restroom, bleeding.” That was the prophecy for Miss Nana Appiah during the prayer and prophecy session of The SCOAN Sunday Service. The Ghanaian based in Belgium had been bleeding for the past 16 years and had been unable to find a medical cure for her condition. “I would bleed for days and days and weeks and weeks,” she told the church during her testimony last Sunday. “It affected my education and job,” she added. One day, she had accompanied her mother to see a friend and they had met her watching Emmanuel TV. Nana decided she had to visit The SCOAN and receive her own healing and deliverance. To the glory of God, Nana’s bleeding stopped immediately after the prophecy. “I am super grateful that Jesus healed me – no more attacks, nightmares,” she disclosed, as she advised people to seek Jesus.


Two Sundays ago, Ms Sibyl Phillips received a divine touch at The SCOAN over her problem of difficulty in walking due to arthritis and a torn ligament. The 53-year-old American grandmother had had her knees wrapped up in braces in an effort to ease her pain. Doctors had wanted to perform knee replacement surgery on her knees but she refused, believing that God Almighty would heal her. Having watched Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV for seven years, she was surprised one night to have a dream where he called her name in the midst of a crowd. It was then that she resolved to visit The SCOAN. After prayer in the mighty name of Jesus, she had removed the braces and begun to walk very sprightly, glorifying God for breaking a major yoke in her life. Last Sunday, during her testimony, Sibyl thanked God for not only the healing but also her family’s deliverance from the curse of inability to marry or stay married. She advised people to not stop praying, even as they trust in God’s Word as proclaimed by His prophet.


“There’s a gentleman bleeding through the anus. You are bleeding as I’m talking…. Don’t be afraid. This is the time you should be delivered. God is working out the answer. Jesus loves you,” so said Prophet T.B. Joshua a few weeks ago, during The SCOAN Sunday Service. The prophecy was for a certain Mr Charles Daniel, who had promptly stepped out to identify himself. He said he had been afflicted with the problem of anus cancer which caused terrible bleeding for the past six years. Last Sunday, Charles returned to church to testify about God’s goodness in his life. The Delta State indigene, who resides in Lagos, said that he had expended his resources on seeking a solution and his business suffered as a result. He also said that he had been a doubter of God’s power at The SCOAN and had been a non-fan of Emmanuel TV. He had, nevertheless, come over at his wife’s insistence. The first time Charles needed to use the toilet after the prophecy, he had been rather unsure about his healing. However, as he pushed, only the expected substance came out to the glory of God! All other organs affected in his system have received life as well, in Jesus’ name! Charles advised every doubting Thomas like his former self to examine all things in the light of God’s Word instead of relying on rumour and gossip.


“There is a woman there – you are bleeding. This bleeding has nothing to do with fibroids but it’s like you have this sickness in your body. Come out.” Those were the words of prophecy for Mrs Comfort Edemu from Delta, Nigeria. The bleeding had begun about 10 years ago and it had been so bad that coughing or shouting was enough to flood her body with blood, a situation that had caused her huge public embarrassment on several occasions. “Today, after the prophecy of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the bleeding is over – completely!” Comfort exclaimed during her testimony on Sunday. She said she can now stand for long and no longer feels dizzy. She advised people to not lose hope, as God has a solution for every problem.


As she stood in front of The SCOAN altar last Sunday for her testimony, Liberian national Mrs Rebecca Kalayi carried two big cocoa pods in her hands, flanked to the left by her son. The farmer had come to testify to a most bountiful harvest after taking to the tilling the land, following a New Year prophecy for the world by God’s servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had said, “There will be large-scale scarcity, shortage of food. As a state, country, continent, we have to go back to the farm to arrest the forthcoming situation. This is prophecy for the whole world. I encourage the governments of all nations to invest in agriculture and to grant loans to deserving citizens to enhance this effort…. Africa is supposed to be the breadbasket of the word.” Rebecca said she and her husband had been inspired by those prophetic words and had sought out land in the countryside for planting yam and cassava, thereafter switching over to cocoa. She told the church that the business has since boomed beyond belief and has empowered scores of youth. “We were nobody but God has turned things around for us through the words of the prophet,” she exclaimed emphatically. In the course of the business, Rebecca added, she has honoured invitations from around the world to give talks on cocoa production. “We are blessed,” she insisted, even as she attributed it all to the anointing available at The SCOAN. With pictures to back up her claims, Rebecca declared that the sky is the limit for the family business and advised all to trust God and obey His prophets.     


After a horrific accident, Mrs Virginia Ohiri developed a hideous ulcer that grievously affected her left leg and refused to heal. She was forced her to depend on her husband and child for all forms of support. “For two years, I could not do anything and my son even had to suspend his schooling to help me,” she explained. Despite visiting top hospitals, she felt no relief so she decided to take her case to God. At The SCOAN, she received prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and Prophet T.B. Joshua declared healing upon her. Virginia said that her leg became cool right after the prayer and immediately, the ulcer began to heal. Virginia later returned to church to report the state of her leg – the gaping sore was now dry. Her advice to the whole world was simple yet profound: Run to God for solution to life’s problems – He alone is the Problem Solver.

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