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Learn to sow the seed of Divine Life

The hearts of the believers beat to the rhythm of the worship, at the SCOAN Thessalonica. United by the Spirit of God, the believers praised the only eternal God, the Ancient of Days, while offering Him thanks for all that He continues to do in the lives of men today.

Prophet Harry followed with an eye opening message entitled “LEARN TO SOW THE SEED OF DIVINE LIFE”, offering valuable lessons for faith. He began by saying that faith cannot exist without a divine life, as only faith pleases God. We, as God’s children, should sow the seed of divine life. God’s Word is the seed of divine life that comes into our hearts and causes faith to grow.

He then pointed out that faith exists at three levels. The first level is the knowledge of Truth, in which many Christians are today; they simply know the Truth. The second level is acceptance the Truth in the midst of our heart. However, not only knowledge and acceptance of the Truth are sufficient if we want to see the power of God at work in our lives, but we also need to be committed to the Truth. Commitment to the Truth is the third level of faith! Few Christians have advanced to this level of faith in which they have become doers of the Word of God. By exemplifying the disciples of Jesus Christ who obeyed the instruction in righteousness given to them (Matthew Gospel 21:1-11), the man of God emphasised that when we take Jesus Christ as His Word, we will see the same results the early disciples saw. He earnestly stressed that, “Acting on the Word of God makes Jesus Christ truly real to the believer.” We cannot make Jesus Christ truly real in our lives only by knowing and accepting the Word, but acting on the Word is deemed necessary. So we should not complain and wonder why we do not see God acting in our lives. What we have to do is to be doers of the Word and not hearers only! If we sow seeds of divine life, living in tune with the Word of God, we will see the Lord act with power in our lives and we will overcome every problem and every situation through Jesus Christ!


Katerina Nikolaou from Thessaloniki came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to glorify the Almighty God for the wonderful change and marvelous breakthrough He brought into her life.

From her childhood, she had a low self-esteem and a sense of inferiority, thinking that her appearance was bad. She focused on her flaws causing her to feel disgust for herself. Her mind was full of negative thoughts, she thought she was unsuccessful, and that she would not amount to anything in her life. She did not want to go to school because she was uncomfortable around her peers. So she locked herself at home and subsequently missed out on lessons, and getting many absences. So she decided to give up school in the middle of the school year, because she could not handle this situation. Her family and those in her surroundings could not understand what she was going through so they can help her, because they did not see anything ugly on her and considered her negative thoughts to be unreasonable!

At that time, Miss. Katerina began to visit the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, and listen carefully to the words of the man of God, which entered deep into her heart and later became food for thought. She put them in her heart and processed them. When she entered the prayer line and received prayer from the man of God Harry, her thoughts began to change and her faith strengthened! Now she is full of power, energy and self-confidence! She is very happy because when she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees the successful person God sees when He looks at her! She now loves herself and has a vision for her future! She gained the conviction that she can take her life in her hands and make things happen. Before she was unable to cope with the responsibilities of her school, but now she decided to continue her studies at a second chance school and simultaneously attend a school for cosmetology! In fact, she made such advances in her studies that one of her professors suggested she take on a management position in the new aesthetic center that she intends to open soon.

Her professional breakthrough is so great that she has already acquired her first customers. She invested her first income to buy the equipment needed to start her own YouTube channel and showcase her work. The breakthrough did not stop there. The professor who initially proposed the job offer to Miss. Katerina, for many months was in search of a space to house her new business, but after the prayer Miss. Katerina received, God provided the right space! With a heart full of gratitude to God, she advised all young people to not believe that they are failing or incapable because broken things can be useful in the hands of God and with His grace they will make it! Finally, she promised to be close to God and follow Him all the days of her life.

When God sees you, He sees something else that everyone ignores. To see the image that He sees when He looks at you, your heart must be ACTIVE, as you meditate on the Word of God, STRONG as it is equipped with the Word of God and ALERT as it is able to distinguish between God’s thoughts and the thoughts of satan. When you can see yourself as God sees you, then you can do what He says you can do! But if your heart is not in this state, the enemy of your soul will take hold of it and begin to manipulate your thoughts. 


Ms. Ganna Solovyova, resident of Italy, came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations Thessalonica, to testify to the incredible changes she has experienced after the prayer she received from Prophet Harry. Ms. Ganna dealt with many health issues for over fifteen years. She suffered from anemia, which caused her weakness in her body and drowsiness during the day. Despite her efforts she constantly felt drained which affected her daily activities. She also had dysmenorrhea that caused her severe pain during the first two days of the period; this meant she could not work and had to take medication to relieve the pain. The chronic weakness and pain caused her to have symptoms of depression. All the while, in the last three years, she saw dreams of dead people and particularly dead relatives.

As she did not see any improvement, she came to the realization that her condition needed spiritual counseling. Therefore, she came to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Thessaloniki, to find a solution to her problems with the help of God! Ms. Ganna took part in the prayer line and when the man of God prayed for her, she immediately felt her pain and weakness recede. At the same time, her whole body was overcome with a sense of freedom that she had never experienced before.

Six months later, full of joy and deeply grateful to the Almighty God who changed her life, she testified that the anemia, dysmenorrhea and medications are now past! She now feels full of energy and the demonic attacks in her dreams have stopped, as the spirit of death that caused everything was finally expelled! Her advice to all of us who may face such problems is to first seek God and His will in our lives, and to get closer and closer to Him. There is nothing that God has created that He cannot command. As He did in Ms. Anna’s life, He will command freedom and healing in your life today as well!


Mrs. Tina Osadebe, resident of Thessaloniki, clearly overcome with joy visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, to testify to the changes that happened in her life after her participation on the prayer line.

Many years ago her husband and father of her four children abandoned them while the children were still small. With much difficulty she tried to raise them on her own and provide schooling for them. She believed that one day they would be successful and would take care of her as she aged. In her struggle to provide the best for her children she decided to travel to Europe, specifically, to Greece, working as a reseller in street markets and festivals. Despite all her efforts she did not get to see the fruits of her labor in the lives of her children. This was something that caused her a great deal of worry and sorrow. Even though her three children had university degrees they were living jobless in Nigeria and were dealing with severe economic problems. It was impossible for them to take care of their families, which forced Mrs. Tina to send them money from the little she had herself, because as a mother she could not stand the fact that her children were struggling to survive. This constant worry began to affect her health. She had a constant headache, fast heartbeat and pain in her heart. One day her symptoms were so intense that it led her to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors underwent all the necessary tests with her head and her heart and they were unable to find anything because the true reason for her symptoms was the worry she had for her children.

This is when Mrs. Tina decided to bring her problem to Almighty God and participated on the prayer line. When the man of God Harry, driven by the Holy Spirit located the true root of her problem, he gave her a prophetic word: “Sister, I want to speak to you. Please do not die because of worry. Worry can kill you when you worry too much. So don’t worry too much because if you continue worrying too much you will die! Learn to trust Jesus Christ. Put your burdens in the hands of God and allow His peace to enter your heart. And what is all the worry about? It is about your children! You want God to change your children… You have to take care of your heart and allow God to take care of your children! You cannot take care of them by worrying about them. Just leave them in the hands of God. Simply commit them to God and God will take care of them. Once you do this you will see that your heart will be free!”

After the prophecy and the prayer she received, Mrs. Tina followed the instruction in righteousness from the man of God. From that moment she has stopped thinking negatively and started trusting her situation in the hands of God. She no longer worries for the future of her children, because she now knows that God will bless her family since His love saved her from definite death. Additionally, the headache, the pain in her heart and the fast heartbeat she experienced have now vanished! Full of joy, she advised us to lay all our problems in the hands of God because by worrying we cannot solve our problems. Finally, she promised that just she will continue to be with God for the rest of her life!

There are definitely reasons to be sad, stressed out and anxious in the world we live today, but there is an even greater reason not to be! This reason is Jesus Christ! When your focus is on God, you would be calm, calculated and determined, even when everything around you is unquiet.

In the following photographs we see the man of God Harry, moving among the people who came from different parts of the world, with power from the anointing of God. They came with faith to participate on the prayer line in search for a solution to their problems from Jesus Christ, who honored their faith as He always does!

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