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SCOAN New Morning Water is available

The SCOAN Morning Water is one of the mediums God is using to heal and deliver many people of their afflictions here at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). You can order to the SCOAN new Morning Water by visiting the Church or by sending an Email to the church. Prophet Tb Joshua introduced the Anointing Water to members of the Church way back in 2011. At the service Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke briefly about the new Anointing Water and it generated a wind of spontaneous excitement among those who received it the previous week. Many of whom came forward to testify of how the Morning Water has impacted their lives.

SCOAN Morning Water Testimonies

One of the many testimonies that was recorded was that of Ken Grant, who was delivered of type 2 diabetes. While giving the testimony, Mr Ken Grant said that he had suffered from the illness for 5 years. But when he visited the Church and got hold of the Morning Water, he drank from it and prayed in Faith, now he is delivered and free. He brought medical papers from his Doctor to confirm his healing.

Another of the testimony was that of Mrs. Helen from Kenya. She testified how God delivered her from the incurable disease of HIV AIDS through the Morning Water. The church celebrated with her and she advised all those that are waiting on the lord to have faith that God will definitely come through for them. 

If you are looking for how to get the SCOAN Anointing Water online, You can get it by contacting the church Email here. The price of the Anointing Water is $0. Most of them cannot travel down to visit the Church here in Lagos because of the COVID-19 travel restriction across the World. 

How to Get The SCOAN Morning Water Online

The Synagogue Church of All Nations have announced that the Scoan Morning Water is available at the church, they are currently sending to all members that are unable to visit the church. The distribution of the Anointing Water will commence immediately and it will be sent only to those that are unable to visit the Church in Lagos, Nigeria. 

So, if you are looking to get the Morning Water (Anointing Water) from The SCOAN. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do get the SCOAN Anointing Water is send an email to church store, specifying what you need, we take your orders here at the church, register the items with the Emmanuel Express courier and ship them to your home address in your country. Shipping takes 5 to 8 working days. The items are free.

The SCOAN Morning Waters will be delivered to your doorstep by some Evangelist from the church. Once they arrive at your home or office address, they will say a short prayer with you and teach you How to use the SCOAN Anointing Water. And finally, an instruction of how to pray and minister the morning water will also be included in the package. A book by prophet TB Joshua, that is Caption. "The Step Between You And The Cure".

The following items will be shipped to you along with the Morning Water:
1. Scoan Morning Water
2. Faith Bracelets
3. Anointed Stickers
4. Emmanuel TV Shirts
5. Membership Cards
6. Inspirational Books (Mirror book and The power of the Holy spirit)
7. Then finally, A DVD of prayer from the Prophet to you

Remember that distance is not a barrier, and Jesus is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. God has used the medium of the morning waters to heal and deliver lots of people from their afflictions. So contact the church email now to order for the SCOAN Morning Water. Email:

The Price Of SCOAN Morning Water

The SCOAN Morning Water is totally free. It's not for sale. We send it to all anyone who is unable to visit our church here in Lagos, Nigeria. (Both Members and Non-members of our Church). We strongly believe here at the Synagogue Church of All Nations that we are one body of Christ. Here we preach and practice the principle of Love. 

Hence, the Morning Water is not for sale, but there might be a small fee attached for the shipping of the Morning water Parcel to your home address. This amount varies with respect to the countries. To get more info about the shipping amount email:

So, if you are outside Nigeria and you need us to send the Morning Water to your home in your country, then contact us on the Email. We will register your order and ship the items to you. Remain blessed!



  1. Thank you SCOAN Admin for sending me the Morning Water package. As I prayed with the Morning water and drank a little from it, I experienced something remarkable during the prayers, I began coughing so hard that the right side of my back, chest, lungs and entire body began shaking continuously and then I started producing mucus. After a couple of minutes, whatever was taken place in my body left me. I felt much better. I thank the Father Almighty and The entire SCOAN for tonight's deliverance. I am healed in Jesus Name.

  2. I got healed, this week! I have gotten my complete healing! I have been having terrible headaches and migraines since the beginning of the year. I cried and begged God to give me sleep. I have been so weak because of this, but as I drank from the first bottle (of morning water) strength came into me and this demonic headache has been washed away. Thank You, Jesus! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua! Thank you the entire SCOAN Team

  3. My daughter graduated from college and got a job. A few days into the orientation period she went and tested herself for COVID-19 and it came back positive; she informed her boss. I quickly contacted the SCOAN and get to send me some bottles of the Morning Waters. They also gave her prayer points to pray, and after 3 weeks she tested negative!!! She was also paid for one week while out of work and she still had her job. My mouth is full of praises for all He has done for my family, and I know He is going to do more. My prayer is for God to bless Prophet TB Joshua and the SCOAN family more abundantly and give them long life for always praying for my family and checking on us in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.

  4. Glory to God, Alpha and Omega! I give thanks to Jesus, SCOAN team & Prophet Tb Joshua. I've been having a little bit of trouble with my breathing before the I got the SCOAN Morning Water, which was not so easy. By the grace of God after praying with the Morning Water and drank from the bottle, God healed me! and my breathing is back to normal now. The SCOAN is truly from Jesus!

  5. Dear SCOAN team:
    As you know I've been using the New Morning Water for around 3 years now. The first time it arrived in my home I could feel the Lord's presence come with it. The fragrances are wonderful!

    I have continued to pray with the Morning Water because of the anointing God the Father has placed upon it, there is none other that I know of that matches His anointing!

    I've order different items from the SCOAN here and have been met by smiles at the other end of the line and so helpful. I use the Morning Water in the ministry I serve in and I personally recommend them to everyone I know! They are the best!

  6. Good evening to the entire SCOAN team, especially Prophet TB Joshua. I came in touch with some money to start a new business which will soon get off the ground. God is good, all the time! Thanks for sending me the bottles of Morning Waters I requested for, my blessing came before as soon as I received the Package of the Morning waters. Thank You Jesus!!

  7. To God be the Glory for Prophet TB Joshua. I’m also thankful for the other ministers of this ministry. I will like to testify to power of God through the Morning Water. As I prayed with the Morning water, I received my healing from the heart troubles I was experiencing and various aspects of my life. Again, many thanks to this amazing ministry and family I am now a part of.

  8. On April 12 this year, I had a stroke just after i returned back from work. I got up to take shower, lost my balance and fell down. Fortunately, my younger son found me on the floor in my room and rushed me to the Hospital. The amazing thing is that my son only packed the Morning Water for me in my hospital bag so every morning and night, I applied the Morning Water on the left side of my body because it was very weak due to the stroke. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and spent an additional 3 days in the rehabilitation center before I was discharged to go home with no issues. On the day of my discharge, the doctor told me that it is amazing how I got healed so quickly and I told him that I have a master healer named JESUS! I am so happy to announce that I able to do everything by myself with no assistance! Thank you SCOAN team. I want more bottles of the Morning Water. I have already sent you an email. Waiting for your reply

  9. Good Morning SCOAN
    I just want to share my testimony here, so that your readers can know how God works wonders through the medium of the Morning water.

    For seven years I filed for my daughter Green Card and could not get it. Instead they send me a deportation letter. In Febuary I did a new partition for my daughter. One morning this year a friend on a train, he gave me a bottle of the New Morning water and introduced me to Emmanuel TV. What did not happen in 7 years happened in a two month. The letter came in the mail for me to get all the documents for my daughter’s interview, all I am waiting for is a date for the interview.

    Since I joined the prayer line I have been fighting serpents in my dream. I have a cutlass chopping their head off. On Sunday morning after fighting with the snakes. I woke up and couldn’t move my left hand. I was begging for my husband to take me to the hospital. However, I waited for the Sunday service. I joined just in time to hear prophet Talking about my symptoms. He said, you with that pain down your neck to your arm. Put up your hand for your healing. I force and put my hand up. Today I have no pain. Thanks be to God. Last night while praying for the sins of my father’s house. I began to vomit out a lot of mucus in my bathroom sink. I am feeling so good today. Thanks be to God. God will bless this ministry for all the life that are being save from bondage.


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